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High precision roots vacuum pump

High precision roots vacuum pump

It is one of the effective anti-corrosion measures to apply organic coating on the surface of composite materials. Surface adhesive coating protection can be widely used in the repair and pre protection coating of abrasion and cavitation corrosion parts. It has good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and adhesive properties. Compared with the traditional welding repair of pressure vessel, it has the characteristics of simple construction, low cost, safety performance and good repair effect. Repair step surface treatment thoroughly surface oxide layer, clean the surface with

Noise, ultra-low vibration, can work under high temperature conditions (about 100 degrees), without cooling and other characteristics, which have been verified and recognized by the majority of users. Because of its unique product shape, excellent manufacturing technology, customer-oriented service concept has been recognized by customers. The working principle and performance characteristics of roots pump are essentially the same as cam pump, but the rotor is roots type. It can transport liquids with viscosity of tens of thousands of centipoises. Roots pump is mainly has two opposite rotation direction

CL Sereis Cone Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Roots Blowers

Roots Vacuum Pump



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